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Animal - Origami Beagle

Animal – Origami Beagle

This post for today the origami beagle dog is folded simply using only one sheet of paper, … [Read more...]

Animal - Benny Dog

Animal – Benny Dog

This origami Benny Dog is folded by using one square sheet of paper, the paper used is a … [Read more...]

Animal - Scottish Terrier

Animal – Scottish Terrier

This origami dog, Scottish Terrier, is folded just by using a single sheet of paper, the … [Read more...]

Animal - Zodiac Dog

Animal – Zodiac Dog

This origami animal, Zodiac Dog, is composed with a single square sheet of paper and the … [Read more...]

Ornament - Dog Ring

Ornament – Dog Ring

This wearable origami Dog Ring is a nice paper ring which it can be folded by using only a … [Read more...]

Animal - Greyhound

Animal – Greyhound

This origami Greyhound dog is a papercraft mainly folded just by using paper, the paper … [Read more...]

Animal - Dalmatian Dog

Animal – Dalmatian Dog

This origami dog, Dalmatian, is folded using a single sheet of origami paper and there are … [Read more...]

3D Origami - Simple Dog

3D Origami – Simple Dog

This 3D origami, Simple Dog, is composed with a total of 20 chinese triangular modular … [Read more...]

3D Origami - Cartoon Dog

3D Origami – Cartoon Dog

This 3D origami, Cartoon Dog, is made of using the modular triangle unit. It used around … [Read more...]

Quilling - Cute Dog

Quilling – Cute Dog

  This quilled craft, Cute Dog, I created trying to be as realistic as possible, it … [Read more...]