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3D Origami – Disney Little Stitch

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3D Origami Pucca Modular Paper Folding

3D Origami – Pucca

This 3D Origami, Pucca, is composed with a total of approximately 350 chinese modular … [Read more...]

3D Origami - Donald Duck

3D Origami – Donald Duck

This 3D Origami, Donald Duck, is composed with a total of 150+ triangular chinese modular … [Read more...]

3D Origami - Mickey Mouse

3D Origami – Mickey Mouse

This 3D origami, Mickey Mouse, is created by using a total of 470+ chinese triangular … [Read more...]

3D Origami - Disney's Tigger

3D Origami – Disney’s Tigger

This 3D origami, Disney's Tigger, is created using the chinese triangle modular unit, a … [Read more...]

3D Origami - Disney's Finding Nemo

3D Origami – Disney’s Finding Nemo

This 3D Origami, Disney's Finding Nemo, is created using chinese triangular modular units … [Read more...]