3d | PaperCraftCentral.net - Part 9
Quilling - Cactus in a Pot

Quilling – Cactus in a Pot

 This quilling craft, Cactus in a Pot, is created using different colors of paper to match … [Read more...]

Quilling - White Rabbit

Quilling – White Rabbit

 This quilled craft, White Rabbit, is created totally with paper and glue. You need a … [Read more...]

Quilling - Cartoon Dog

Quilling – Cartoon Dog

 This quilled craft, Cartoon Dog, turned out very cute. However, the hard part was to make … [Read more...]

Quilling - Panda

Quilling – Panda

 This quilled craft, Panda, it came out very cute, the hard part for me was to draw those … [Read more...]

Quilling - Chess Piece

Quilling – Chess Piece

 This craft, Chess Piece, I quilled using some scratch paper that I had in hand, hopefully … [Read more...]

Quilling - Fan

Quilling – Fan

This craft, quilled fan, it took a while to finish it, because of the pattern and small … [Read more...]

Quilling - Daisies

Quilling – Daisies

 I quilled to create several daisies, it is very realistic looks like almost like the real … [Read more...]

Quilling - Roses

Quilling – Roses

This quilled craft, Roses, I created using various strips of paper. The roses came out … [Read more...]

3D Origami - Watermelon

3D Origami – Watermelon

This 3D origami Watermelon, is created using the triangular modular units to complete. The … [Read more...]

3D Origami - Sun Flower

3D Origami – Sun Flower

This 3D origami Sun Flower, is created using the triangular module to complete. But the … [Read more...]