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3D Origami - Mickey Mouse

3D Origami – Mickey Mouse

This 3D origami, Mickey Mouse, is created by using a total of 470+ chinese triangular … [Read more...]

Ornament - Modular Star

Ornament – Modular Star

This ornament, Modular Star, is folded using a total of 6 square sheets of paper and each … [Read more...]

3D Origami - Sailing Ship

3D Origami – Sailing Ship

This 3D Origami, Sailing Ship, is composed with approximately 1000 chinese triangular … [Read more...]

3D Origami - Tulip Bulb

3D Origami – Tulip Bulb

This 3D origami, Tulip Bulb, each bulb is created by using a total of 70 chinese modular … [Read more...]

3D Origami - Ballerina Rabbit

3D Origami – Ballerina Rabbit

This 3D origami, Ballerina Rabbit, is created by using around 450+ modular triangular … [Read more...]

3D Origami - Reindeer

3D Origami – Reindeer

This 3D Origami, Reindeer, is folded using around 38+ chinese modular triangle pieces, and … [Read more...]

3D Origami - Santa Claus

3D Origami – Santa Claus

This 3D Origami, Santa Claus, is composed with a total of 295+ chinese triangular units, … [Read more...]

3D Origami - Christmas Tree

3D Origami – Christmas Tree

This 3D Origami, Christmas Tree, is composed with a total of 350+ chinese triangle modular … [Read more...]

3D Origami - Exotic Fish

3D Origami – Exotic Fish

This 3D origami, Exotic Fish, is composed with a total of 90+ chinese triangular modular … [Read more...]

3D Origami - Turkey

3D Origami – Turkey

This 3D origami, Turkey, is created by using a total of approximately 340+ chinese … [Read more...]